Larva Crush

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Basic Information

  • CMGE
  • Casual Puzzle
  • 1.0
  • 2017-05-09
  • 14.39MB

About The Game

Funny Bugs is a mobile game authorized by South Korea’s animation Larva. It is the first innovative competitive leisure match 3 game. Its basic gameplay mode is similar to Happy Match, Jelly Blast, and Craz3?Match, while the advanced mode is similar to Pop Star. This game is definitely a premium casual and relaxing game that is popular among female players. =========Game Features============ *Cute and lovely characters, funny and humorous style.* Lovely and funny animation characters with upbeat music and stunning special effects. You will feel away from worries and never be bored! *Ingenious design, earn high scores in challenges.* Unlike other match 3 games, using special elements cleverly in many stages of the game will help you earn high scores at ease! *New defend blocks mode, creative combat gameplay.* If you have been used to other match 3 games, you will be impressed by the combat mode in this game. You need to rack your brain to make each move and enjoy a most unique experience! *Receive awesome gifts, extreme combo in 60 seconds.* As in the traditional match 3 games, you will receive more rewards by getting higher combos, which will test your vision, speed and reaction. If you tap wrong or fail to match in 3 seconds, the combo will stop. Random chests will appear when you get a certain number of combos. By match the chest, you will be rewarded. The higher the combo, the better reward the chest contains. *Play anywhere and anytime, no worry about the internet.* No data cost and no need to worry about your data usage. You can play the game anywhere and anytime. Download it now!

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