Crazy Veggies 4

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Basic Information

  • CMGE
  • Casual Puzzle
  • 1.0.0
  • 2017-08-01
  • 71.33MB

About The Game

Monster Nien is approaching the village! Gather your army and defend your homeland! King Meow led the army offending vegetable village, our peaceful home of vegetables will soon face an unprecedented crisis! What shall we do? Come on and quickly join our lovely vegetables make unique combat gear, using precise ejection skills, helping them get through this. Heart as one, let’s fight! King Meow thought out a new battle plan, and return with meow army, little veggies hasn’t smell any of the approaching crisis, sudden attack scared our defenseless veggies! However veggies are tough and not easy to be defeated, they gather up and fight the meow king raid, but only this time, veggies were determined to crush king meow forever! How can you conquer the meow fortress? How to remain the peace? The only answer is to unite together! Raise for the village, for everyone's future, our dear veggies! Fighting!!!!

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